Active Kids Physiotherapy is a mobile service providing expert paediatric physiotherapy to babies and children in Brisbane. We offer home visits, childcare and school visits. There are many benefits to seeing babies and children in their natural environments. Most importantly, parents find it very convenient to use their own furniture and toys to work on the exercises, and incorporate the exercises in their daily routine.

Babies and children need paediatric physiotherapy when there are concerns of physical development, awkward posture and movements, poor balance, uneven neck movement and abnormal head shape. Dr Amy Leung is an experienced paediatric physiotherapist who has worked with children and families for over 30 years. She has diverse knowledge and extensive clinical skills in paediatrics. She strives to provide holistic and quality baby physio / children physio services.

Children are unique and their development is influenced by the combination of their own determinants and environmental factors. It is important to understand a child’s individual profile and the environment that he/she is experiencing. With these understandings, a holistic plan can be put in place to help a child and their family reach their goals.

Child development is closely tied in with brain development. The first 5 years of life are most crucial in child development. Based on sound knowledge of neuroscience (study of the brain and the nervous system), it is important to provide opportunities and practices that enhance brain development and its activities which in-turn facilitate child development.

The physical body is the means to perform functional tasks such as mobility, self-care and learning. Physiotherapy can help to alleviate the limiting factors and aim at attaining a functional body.

A well renowned proposition of ‘Emotion’ acts like a conductor in the orchestra of the body (Dr Stanley Greenspan). The mind influences the physical body. Therefore, acknowledging and building a child’s emotional well-being is paramount in the success of intervention.

Based on the above information, this forms our service Vision.

  • Our Vision
  • Active Brain, Functional Body, Positive Mind
    Reaching One’s Maximum Potential
  • Our Mission
  • With Love, We Help Children,
    Support Families, and Strengthen Communities
  • Our Values
  • Love – harmony, compassion, connect
  • Respect – individual uniqueness, family values, cultural differences
  • Commitment – care, support, extra step
  • Empowerment – strength base, optimal use of resources, community participation

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